NVIDIA Corporation began selling a low-cost tablet Shield Tablet K1, optimized for gaming. In the US, the device can be purchased for $ 199 – half the price than iPad

The company Eidos Montreal announced the postponement of the release date of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. As it became known, the new release date is scheduled for August 23, 2016.

Ubisoft representatives prepare the shooter Rainbow Six: Siege to the open beta next week. As it became known, developers are going to open the game to the public on November,

The team Crytek has released a demonstration of Back to Dinosaur Island in the Steam network for free. As it became known, a small fragment of the project for the

Team Avalanche Studios released a new trailer of gameplay for the game Just Cause 3. Developers have tried to select the most spectacular shots and showed them on the ultra-wide

There’s no denying September was a pretty big month for PlayStation 4. Atop the list of games releasing last month was Bungie’s Destiny, but although it had exclusive PlayStation content, Sony’s new

The company Rockstar Games has published another trailer of the PC version of the game Grand Theft Auto V. A new video was created to demonstrate the robberies in the

BioWare company continues to report on the progress of development of the game Mass Effect 4 tin Twitter. As it became known, the team reached the “new frontier” of the

World of Tanks Blitz World of Tanks is a universal phenomenon. Few people remember that the original “World of Tanks” was planned as a standard story about the war between